Deep Groove Ball Bearing
  • Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

This is the most commonly used bearing in rolling bearings. The track grooves form a circle slightly larger than the radius of the steel ball. The ball forms a point contact with the track. Deep groove ball bearings can withstand radial loads, axial loads
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[NACHI bearing]Deep Groove ball bearings are the most popular of all the ball bearing types because they are available in a wide variety of seal, shield and snap-ring arrangements.
The bearing ring grooves are circular arcs made slightly larger than the radius of the ball. The balls make point contact with the raceways (elliptical contact when loaded). The inner ring shoulders are of equal height (as the outer ring shoulders).
Deep Groove ball bearings can sustain radial, axial, or composite loads and because of simple design, this bearing type can be produced to provide both high-running accuracy and high-speed operation.
Longer Life
Adopted NACHI original seal design to prevent contamination and grease leakage.
Contains special grease for wider temperature ranges and longer life.
Smooth and Quiet Operation 
The precision level of our bearing components has been enhanced to ensure smooth and quiet operation.
Low Torque
Lower rotating torque by improving seal lips.
This is the most popular bearing used in rolling bearings. Track ditch is made slightly larger than the ball radius of the circle solitary. The ball makes point contact with the track. Deep groove ball bearings can withstand radial load, axial load and synthetic load.
Because of its simple structure, it is easy to produce high-precision bearings, suitable for high-speed rotation of the occasion.
Bearing diameter of not less than 9mm. Deep groove ball bearings with an inner diameter of less than 10mm are commonly known as miniature ball bearings and their outer diameter is less than 9mm.
The ball to maintain a certain gap, the standard stamping plate made of steel. For high-speed rotation or large size stamping difficult, the use of the car made by machining cut holder.
Sealed bearings fitted with steel dust cover or plastic cover have been series, they are pre-sealed with a suitable amount of grease.
Formal sign:
Deep groove ball bearings in the form of a symbol of "6"

Diameter mark:
As shown on the right, under the same inner diameter, different diameter symbols represent different bearing sizes.

8 series of thinnest, allowing the highest speed but the lowest load capacity. For example: 6805 ZZE3 series of the thickest, allowing the lowest speed but the highest load capacity. For example: 6305 ZZE

According to the thickness from thin to thick in order for the 8 <9 <0 <2 <3
ID mark:
ID mark indicates the size of the bearing diameter. The meaning of the token is as follows:
00: 10mm
01: 12mm
02: 15mm
03: 17mm
04 or more: the number multiplied by 5mm for the inner diameter, for example, the inner diameter of 6006 is 6 * 5mm = 30mm
20mm or more, but the inner diameter is not a multiple of 5, it is represented by / xx, and xx is the size of the inner diameter.
For example: 62 / 32ZE 32mm ID bearing, if mistakenly written 6232ZE become 160mm ID bearing, the difference is very large.

Open bearings do not need to add any mark behind the main type. For example: 6008

Tie cover a single seal as well as bilateral seal. Seal side when the main plus Fan Z or ZE, when the bilateral seal plus ZZ or ZZE. For example: 6204ZE, 6026ZZ .. and so on
Z belongs to the original design, and ZE is a labyrinth space after the design changes, dustproofness is better.

Non-contact type of plastic cover the same points on both sides and one side, respectively, in the main Fan after the addition of NK (E) and -2NK (E). For example: 6211NKE, 6320-2NK .. and so on
NK is the original design, the inner surface oil seal groove was two ladder-like. NKE is a design change, the three lip seal produces two labyrinth space, increase dust protection.

The same type of contact plastic cover single-sided and bilateral, respectively, after the main type with NS (L / E) and -2NS (L / E). For example: 6211-2NSE, 6320NSL .. and so on
NSL is the original design, and NSE is through the design changes, the oil seal of the three lips produce two labyrinth-style space, and by the middle of the lip and the inner contact, become a confined space.

There are also NKE9 and NSE9 plastic cover, is made of relatively temperature-resistant materials, and will replace the previous standard.
The current production range is 6000 ~ 6010,6200 ~ 6210,6300 ~ 6310

The main type is what kind of seal cover, please refer to the comprehensive catalog.
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