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XYZ Axis Gantry

The XYZ three-axis linear motion platform is a combination of three-axis linear modules, and the observation is the origin of the coordinate: the horizontal line that realizes the left and right linear motion is the X axis, the front and back linear motion is the Y axis, and the up and down linear motion is the Z axis.

The Z-axis is fixed on the X-axis linear module, and the Y-axis is fixed at the center of the platform; the Z-axis is called the operating axis or the tool axis. In which industry the platform machine is used, what tools are installed on the Z-axis; the Y-axis is the load The axis carries the items to be processed; the X-axis positioning axis is positioned at the intersection with the Y-axis by moving left and right to realize the operation.

XYZ axis features

XYZ axis gantry struction with various combinations of standard single-axis stage, it may constitute a number of different itineraries and functional gantry stage. It can shorten product development time course, and also has the advantages of mass production. This type of stage is often used in optoelectronic components, panel displays, medical equipment industries, etc.

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We can supply all above type of XYZ axis, and we also can be accept customized XYZ axis, but you need offer size details drawing to us.

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What tasks can the XYZ three-axis linear module motion platform achieve?

Aint spraying operation: use three-axis motion to achieve spraying operation at a fixed point. Accurate spraying in the Y-axis point can achieve painting patterns, texts, etc.

Assembly work: Use the precise characteristics of the three-axis platform to assemble products, thereby reducing assembly time and improving production efficiency.

Dispensing operation: realize precise dispensing and collecting operation through three-axis fixed point.

Soldering operation: similar to the dispensing operation, the soldering operation can be realized at a fixed point.

Screw locking operation: similar to the glue dispensing operation, the screw locking operation can be realized at a fixed point.

Print job: Use the sliding table to move at constant speed and distance to realize IC print job.

With the rapid development of automation, the XYZ three-axis linear module motion platform is more and more widely used. By installing or replacing tools on the Z axis, and system programming, different application purposes can be achieved

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