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How to make the ball screw better?

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Update time : 2019-08-21 22:29:14
How to make the ball screw better?
The production of key components of CNC machine tools such as CNC system, spindle unit, ball screw pair and rolling guide pair is relatively lagging behind, the variety is small, the degree of industrialization is low, the level of technology is not high, and it is very large compared with foreign countries. The gap, especially in the development of the high-end CNC machine tool market, some products have to rely on imports. So today we will find out what the ball screw is like. How can we overcome this difficulty?
In terms of new product development for rolling features:
1. Manufacturing technology and equipment for mass production of precision high-speed ball screw
2. High-speed, high-stiffness, low-noise precision rolling linear guide pair for linear motor
3. Develop high-performance rolling function products with intelligent, composite and mechatronics according to the needs of the host.
4. High-precision, high-stiffness roller linear guide pair for heavy-duty CNC machine tools
5, Japanese bearing companies focus on the development of manufacturing technology and technology to develop rolling functional parts green products

In terms of improving the manufacturing process:
1. Development of new materials and thermal processes and equipment to meet dimensional stability, reliability, formability and production efficiency requirements
2, ball screw precision cold rolling technology and localization of equipment, rolling bearings is not a simple mechanical parts in the general sense of the P3 level below the ball screw to promote the cold rolling process
3. Introduce, digest and absorb the "CNC precision cyclone hard milling" technology, and equip the localization to replace the thread grinding by the cyclone milling method below the P3 level.
4. Optimized design of ball return device and industrialization of one-shot manufacturing technology
5. Related technologies for improving the accuracy of the raceway profile
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