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Linear Motor and Control
Linear Motor and Control
1.Servo motor
The servo motor servo motor is a high-speed, low-torque motor that includes a general-purpose servo motor and an integrated servo motor. The servo motor is a controllable rotary motor that can be used for current, speed and position control through the drive. It features high precision, low noise, high response and high instantaneous output.
2. Linear motor
The linear motor is derived from Lorentz, which uses the interaction of current (I) and magnetic field (B) to generate thrust (F). With the arrangement of its own magnets and the use of multi-movers, the stroke can be achieved. Restricted and independent movement of single-axis multi-moving, the positioning accuracy of nanometer can be easily realized by matching precision servo feedback.
3. Rotating motor
The torque motor rotary platform adopts direct drive without deceleration mechanism, and has excellent rigidity connection between the motor and the load. With servo drive control, it can exert excellent acceleration and smoothness of motion. Thanks to the form of the hollow shaft, the torque motor rotary platform is particularly suitable for automation tasks. It can be run from a hollow shaft or through relevant accessories. The full range of cross-roller bearings combines high torque and high dynamics.