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ASAHI Vertical Bearing Assembly
  • ASAHI Vertical Bearing Assembly

ASAHI Vertical Bearing Assembly

ASAHI bearing seat through a special quenching components to be used for the ball bearings for the inner ring of a special quenching treatment only in the need for the degree of research required around the track surface quenching process so that top wire
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ASAHI Vertical Bearing Assembly
General spherical bearing components of the structure and characteristics:
 Cast iron series with seat spherical bearing components of the structure and characteristics: Special quenching components to be used for the ball bearing inner ring for special quenching treatment, only in the need of the necessary degree of research around the track surface quenching process, So that the top hole around the hole position soft and more toughness, in order to be able to better prevent the firmness of the top wire because of excessive force caused by the inner ring rupture, as well as the sudden movement of the top wire loosening. With strong bearing: because
The housings are made of sturdy, one-piece construction, so skew and firm deformation are rare and very rigid.
1. Bearings on the reliability of the installation: ASAHI with stopper top wire with seat spherical ball bearings, because the use of top stop wire, plus a special combination of quenching components and installation, making them under very harsh conditions Under the use of, in particular, accompanied by a great vibration, the impact of the conditions can be used peace of mind.
2. Fixed pin holder: Vertical and flanged components are used bearing seat, mounting bolt seat has two pin seats for the role of fixed. It is convenient for determining the fixed position of the bearing.
3. Outer ring anti-rotation pin: In the case of components, in order to smoothly exert the most characteristic of the ball bearing with self-aligning, the spherical inner diameter of the bearing seat is marked with tolerance type H, so that the outer ring of the bearing does not rotate along with the rotation , The outer ring is equipped with anti-rotation pin, not only to prevent the rotation of the outer ring, but also to prevent the mating surface wear and tear.
4. Reasonable self-aligning: the outer circumference of the bearing is processed into a spherical surface, and then embedded in the same inner wall of the bearing has been processed, between the two spherical surface, you can align. In other words, self-aligning is very reasonable, which can make up for the deviation of the mechanical axis, etc., not to the bearing any excessive external force.
5 Fat way: with spherical roller bearings can be used in a variety of conditions, including dirty, wet, high temperature applications are used, the degree of grease contamination is very rapid , And began to deteriorate very early. Under such environmental conditions of use, new lipids need to be added at regular intervals. If you can try to discharge the old grease as much as possible at the same time, it can not only extend the life of the grease, but also more able to extend the service life of the bearing. because
In this regard, ASAHI products, whether cast iron or cast steel series, are designed to be used safely to ensure that they can be safely used under extremely harsh conditions, using a standard replenishment method.
6. Excellent sealing device: The bearing is made of steel plate oiling rings and heat-resistant oil-resistant synthetic rubber seals combined to form a double seal to be fully enclosed. Fixed in the inner ring on the rejection of oil ring, the outer ring to maintain a very small gap rotation, against the pressure of the stolen intrusion. Also, because a gland seal is in contact with the inner ring with the proper strength, the wear is so small that even if the shaft is slightly tilted, the seal does not change its contact condition. So it has excellent sealing effect, both to prevent leakage of grease to the outside, but also to prevent external stolen goods and moisture intrusion. So that products can be used under very harsh conditions. Belt ball bearings with protective covers are designed to ensure safe use in harsh environments such as factories, ships, air conditioners, and civil engineering machinery in the fields of iron making, milling, cement processing and foundry. Stopper pins and bearing assemblies with adapter sleeves are either made of steel plate or are made of cast iron and have much better dustproofness than the original two seals on bearings and housings.
7. Deep Groove Internal Structure: The inner part of the bearing is the same structure as Deep Groove Ball Bearing Type 6200 and 6300. It can bear the radial load and axial load, and the noise is also very low.
8. The interchangeability between bearings and bearings: Between the bearing and bearing interchangeability, when necessary, only the bearings can be exchanged at any time can be very convenient.
9 easy to use operation: Block ball bearings with spherical bearings and housings are combined to form one. Because a good amount of good grease has been injected into the bearing beforehand, it can be run just by being mounted on the spindle as it is. Therefore, the operation do not have to worry about foreign matter mixed into the bearings, saving you a lot of trouble, you can avoid the actual installation may produce unintended trouble.
10. High quality and attractive adhesive coating: As the outer surface of the bearing material, using a series of melamine resin paint, so the coating adhesion is good, the beautiful luster can be maintained for a long time does not fade . The paint, due to the light blue color, is coordinated no matter what type of mechanism is used.
11. To the spindle installation is simple: with spherical roller bearings to the spindle installation methods are, by one end of the inner ring with two hexagon socket set screws for mounting to the fixed shaft with set screw method; the inner ring The inner diameter is a tapered sleeve with a tapered bore, the method of fastening the sleeve by means of a fastening sleeve and the method of wearing an eccentric sleeve by means of an eccentric sleeve. Either way of operation is simple and the machining of the shaft is easy. The ER type in which the center of the outer peripheral surface of the convex portion of the bearing inner ring end portion and the inner peripheral surface of the concave portion of the eccentric sleeve end are misaligned, and the inner peripheral surface of the concave portion of the inner ring end portion of the bearing and the convex The center of the outer peripheral surface of the EE type is staggered, forming a wedge on that circumference, wedging the shaft and the inner ring.
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