Common malfunctions of ball screws

(1) Overload problem
The lubrication state of the ball screw feed transmission is not good, the axial preload is too large, the lead screw is not parallel to the guide rail, the nut axis is not parallel to the guide rail, and the lead screw is bent and deformed, all of which will cause an overload alarm. Generally, the alarm of servo motor overload, overheating or overcurrent will be displayed on the CRT, or on the feed drive unit of the electric cabinet, the overload and overcurrent information of the drive unit will be prompted by indicator lights or digital tubes.

(2) Movement problem
The movement problem is that the lubrication state of the ball screw feed drive is poor, the gland of the screw support bearing is not well pressed, the ball screw is damaged, the screw support bearing may be broken, and the axial preload is too small. The transmission gap of the feed transmission chain is too large, causing the axial movement of the screw during transmission.

(3) Crawling problem
The creeping problem generally occurs when the acceleration section or low-speed feed is started, and it is mostly caused by factors such as poor lubrication state of the feed transmission chain and excessive external load. In particular, it should be noted that the coupling used for the connection between the servo motor and the ball screw, if the connection is loose or the coupling itself is defective, such as cracks, etc., will cause the rotation of the ball screw and the rotation of the servo motor to be out of sync, so that the Give the movement fast and slow, resulting in the phenomenon of crawling.

Common fault analysis of ball screw
The failure phenomena and specific reasons of the ball screw during operation are as follows:
1. The backlash is large, the positioning accuracy is poor, and the size of the machined parts is unstable.
The wear clearance of the ball screw and its support system due to long-term operation will directly affect the transmission accuracy and rigidity of the CNC machine tool. General fault phenomena include large backlash and unstable positioning accuracy. According to the specific location of wear, the causes of failure can be divided into the following categories: How to improve the accuracy of the ball screw pair?

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①The ball screw support bearing is worn or the bearing preload washer is not suitable.
②Ball screw double nut pair produces clearance and ball wear.
③The ball screw single nut pair has clearance due to wear.
④The nut flange and the table are not firmly fixed, resulting in a gap, etc.

2. The movement of the ball screw is unstable and the noise is too large.
①The drive parameters of the servo motor are not adjusted properly.
②The lubrication of the screw and nut is poor.
③bent and deform ball screw.
④Damaged ball.
⑤The lead screw and the guide rail are not parallel, etc.

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