Ball Screws for High Speed ​​Punch

The high-speed punch is made of an integrated special cast iron alloy with high rigidity and shock resistance. The slider design with a long guide path, and it is equipped with a slider balance device to ensure precise and stable operation. All anti-wear elements are automatically lubricated by electronic timing. If there is a lack of lubricating oil, the punch will automatically stop. The advanced and simple control system ensures the accuracy of the slider running and stopping. It can be matched with any automated production needs to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Ball screw is an ideal product for converting rotary motion into linear motion, or converting linear motion into rotary motion. A ball screw consists of a screw, a nut and balls. Its function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, which is a further extension and development of the ball screw. The important significance of this development is to change the bearing from rolling action to sliding action. Due to its small frictional resistance, ball screws are widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.

A kind of steel ball metal abrasive, the main varieties are stainless steel shot, cast steel shot, aluminum shot, steel wire cut shot, grinding shot, copper shot, steel ball is widely used in non-ferrous metal die castings, castings, aluminum profiles, auto parts, machinery Surface treatment for manufacturing, hardware, pump and valve industries. It mainly focuses on removing oxide skin on the surface of the product, burr on the edge surface, surface roughening, matt suburban fruit, flattening and strengthening, and rust removal.


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The most widely used steel balls are stainless steel shot. Stainless steel shot is commonly known as stainless steel wire cut shot. It is refined by wire drawing, cutting, rounding and other processes.​​

The hardness of stainless steel shot is moderate, the composition is pure, and the coverage is large. Because it does not have the shortcomings of ordinary cast steel shot, such as pores and special shapes, its service life is longer.

The performance of this product can completely replace imported products, and the price is significantly lower than imported products. products to save costs for customers. After treatment with stainless steel shot, the surface of the casting is smooth and free of rust, and no post-treatment such as pickling is required, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

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