Compared with the rotary motor, the linear motor has the following characteristics: First, the structure is simple. Since the linear motor does not need an additional device to convert the rotary motion into a linear motion, the structure of the system itself is greatly simplified, and the weight and volume are greatly increased.


We can offer differen type linear motor, including Cylindrical Linear Motors; U-Slot Linear Motors; Flat Linear Motors (There are three types of flat linear motors (all brushless): Slotless Ironless, Slotless Ironcore, and Slotted Ironcore).– LONGZHICHUAUNG

The second is high positioning accuracy. Where linear motion is required, the linear motor can realize direct transmission, so it can eliminate various positioning errors caused by intermediate links, so the positioning accuracy is high. If microcomputer control is used, it can also be The positioning accuracy of the whole system is greatly improved; thirdly, the response speed is fast, the sensitivity is high, and the follow-up is good. The linear motor is easy to have its mover supported by magnetic suspension, so that a certain air gap is always maintained between the mover and the stator without contact, which eliminates the contact friction resistance between the stator and the mover, thus greatly improving the system. Sensitivity, rapidity and follow-up; Fourth, the work is safe and reliable, and the service life is long. The linear motor can achieve contactless transmission of force, and the mechanical friction loss is almost zero, so there are few faults and maintenance-free, so the work is safe and reliable, and the service life is long.

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