Linear Motor Applicaiton

A linear motor considered as a deformation of the rotary motor in terms of structure. It can be as a rotary motor cut along its radial direction, and then flattened and evolved. With the rapid development of automatic control technology and microcomputers, higher requirements are placed on the positioning accuracy of various automatic control systems. Therefore, many countries in the world are researching, developing and applying linear motors, making the application fields of linear motors more and more extensive.

We can offer differen type linear motor, including Cylindrical Linear Motors; U-Slot Linear Motors; Flat Linear Motors (There are three types of flat linear motors (all brushless): Slotless Ironless, Slotless Ironcore, and Slotted Ironcore).– LONGZHICHUAUNG

Linear motors are mainly used in three aspects: Firstly, they are using in automatic control systems, and there are many such applications; secondly, they are used as drive motors for long-term continuous operation; third, they are used to provide huge linear motion in a short time and short distance. capable device.

High-speed maglev train The maglev train is the most typical example of the practical application of linear motors. The United States, Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Canada and other countries are developing linear levitation trains, among which Japan is the fastest.
Elevator Driven by Linear Motor The world’s first elevator driven by linear motor was installed in Mansei Building, Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Japan in April 1990. The elevator has a load of 600kg, a speed of 105m/min and a lifting height of 22.9m. Since the elevator driven by the linear motor has no traction unit, the machine room on the top of the building can be omitted. If the height of the building increases to about 1,000 meters, it is necessary to use a ropeless elevator. This elevator is driven by a linear motor with high-temperature superconducting technology. Like the train, it is controlled by radio waves or light control technology.

When the ultra-high-speed motor rotates beyond a certain limit, the motor using rolling bearings will be sintered and damaged. A linear suspension motor (electromagnetic bearing) has been developed abroad. The suspension technology is used to suspend the mover of the motor in the air, eliminating the need for The mechanical contact and frictional resistance between the mover and the stator can reach more than 25,000 to 100,000 r/min, so it is widely used in high-speed motors and high-speed spindle components.

For example, the 5-axis controllable electromagnetic high-speed spindle for multi-process automatic CNC lathe recently developed by Yaskawa Company of Japan adopts two radial electromagnetic bearings and one axial thrust electromagnetic bearing, which can bear the load of the machine tool in any direction. In the middle of the shaft, in addition to the high-speed motor, it is also equipped with an automatic tool exchange mechanism suitable for multi-process automatic CNC lathes.

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